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Spring Reign 2015

Sorry, but Spring Reign registration is now closed. Our rosters are full and we're not accepting more players at this time. However, you may submit the registration form below and your player will be placed on our wait list.


Player Fees Due Now!
Fees are $25/player. Please make checks out to Mary L. Freeman and mail to:
Mary L. Freeman
201 NW 60th St
Seattle, WA 98107
No Additional Waivers Required
Spring Reign is sponsored by DiscNW. The liability and concussion waiver requirements are covered by our participation in the DiscNW spring league. So we are all good to go!
General Tournament Info
What: Spring Reign is the world's largest youth ultimate tournament! It's a two-day affair, with games starting at 9:00am each day and running into the afternoon/evening. Teams can expect to play 3-4 games each day.
When: Saturday & Sunday, April 25th and 26th
Where: Skagit River Park in Burlington, WA
Visit the DiscNW Spring Reign Website:
It's a long day out there! We recommend players pack a lunch and other personal field snacks that they enjoy. There will be some food available at the fields during the day, a limited selection of sandwiches for purchase, and there may be a food truck. But having food on the sidelines between games is necessary as many games will be back-to-back. We will be organizing some of the parents to provide sideline snacks and drinks. DiscNW will provide pizza dinner at the fields after the games late Saturday afternoon.
  • Reversible Hamilton Ultimate jerseys
  • Cleats
  • Light rain coat
  • Layers!
  • Water bottle
  • Food and snacks
  • Change of dry clothes for the car ride home
At Spring Reign there is a tradition of presenting the opposing team with a gift(s) after each game. We will be organizing some parents to get some gifts for their team to present. Ideas range from gag type gifts from Archie Mcphee, to discs and jerseys, to food snacks (no nuts), to... well you get the idea. Ask your kids for their thoughts. 
Should I Stay or Should I Go?
Burlington is approximately 75 minutes north of Seattle. Most folks drive there and back each day. Some families have reserved hotel rooms in Mt. Vernon and Burlington for the evening. These may be mostly booked by now, but give it a shot.
Tournament Swag Available
Remember to send your player with a few extra bucks if you can. Tournament discs and clothing will be for sale, provided by 5 Ultimate. I personally never leave a tournament without at least buying a disc.
Rainmakers Game Saturday Night
Come watch our B Team coach Matt Neeley along with our local pro ultimate team the Seattle Rainmakers host the Vancouver Nighthawks on Saturday night at Mt. Vernon High School. Whether you're heading back to Seattle or staying the night in Burlington, this will be a great way to end a long day of playing ultimate. If you haven't seen an MLU game yet, it's pretty fun to watch.
Carpool Info
If you and/or your player needs a ride to Burlington, OR if you are driving and have room in your vehicle, please fill out the form below and we will see if we can find a match.

Team Assignments

We have two teams going to Spring Reign, and 65 kids signed up. We stated previously that we were only taking 28 kids per team, but we're softies and find it hard to say no to your children. So everyone is going! Yes, we're going to have some big teams. But we have a lot of games over the weekend, and we'll figure out a way to make it work. It's going to be fun!

All the 8th graders are on the A Team, all 6th Graders on the B Team, and we'll split the 7th graders between the teams. I've spoken with a few of the 7th graders to get a feel for what teams they'd be comfortable playing on. But our decisions are based on a couple factors: keeping the older and younger kids in their grade cohort, and getting the 7th graders on a team where they are comfortable (i.e. with a few friends) and where they'll be successful. If your child has a strong preference to be on the other team, I'm happy to consider the request. But switches will only be granted if there is a player on the other team who also wants to switch, and if the coaches feel comfortable with the change.

A Team
Coaches David Nickle and Glenn Atwood

Adia Ab
Aiyana Bl
Alex Ni
Allegra Ab
Anna Go
Annika En
Ben Ku
Ben Pa
Benji Wa
Charlie Or
Ciara Le
Claire To
David At
Elise Ma
Ethan Bl
Finlay Ma
Gabriel No
Jack Ke
Jack Ku
Jake Mo
Jasper Pa
Jed Co
Kai Du
Kieran Ro
Liana Mi
Lillian Ne
Max Ha
Myles Vi
Oliver Sc
Sam Or
Sarah Jane Ha
Zoe De

B Team
Coaches Matt Neeley, Aimie Kawai, and Steve DeBroux

Aimon Be
Aldo Be
Daniel Fo
Darbhi Du
Dash Ha
Eli He
Emma Ba
Gavin Yo
Grady Sp
Grey Co
Ian Se
Jack No
Jack Ca
Joni Le
Kira Bl
Leana Gi
Lucas Ok
Max Mc
Maxine An
Meredith Se
Michael Hu
Mollie Br
Mollie Mc
Natalia Ku
Nate Be
Noah Ma
Owen Bl
Owen Wi
Piper Fa
Sam Ha
Thea De
Troy Pe
Wesley Ko