Fall 2014 - Season Overview

Hamilton Ultimate Frisbee  -  Fall 2014 Information Letter

Welcome to the Hawks Ultimate program!

Online Registration

  • Registration closed Thursday, Sept. 18.
  • All players are still wait-listed at this time.
  • We will be announcing initial player acceptance this Monday, Sept. 22.

Practice Days - CHANGE
Because of field conflicts, our practice days have changed. Practices will now be held on Tues/Thurs and Wed/Fri. You should have received an email earlier today asking if you needed to change your child's preference. Practice is from 2:35-4:25 on the Wallingford Playground. Students must be picked up or have arrangements made to leave the playground by 4:25.

Team Placement Practices - CHANGE

Because of School District athletic registration procedures, our practices cannot start until after Wed, Sept. 24. Team Placement practices will be held on Thursday, Sept 25 and Friday, Sept 26. We encourage all students to attend both days if possible. Because of the late notice, we won't require participation to both practices, but it will help us with placement if we can see all players on both these days.

SPS Registration Packet
  1. NEW DUE DATE - The registration packet must be turned into the HIMS office by Friday, Sept 19. Packets need to be verified and recorded by HIMS staff.
  2. The registration packet consists of:
    • Athletic Registration (pages 1 & 2) and Physical Form (pages 3 & 4)
    • Parent/Guardian Release Form
    • Concussion Information Sheet
  3. Even if your child's Physical Form is not yet completed, please submit the completed Athletic Registration (pages 1 & 2), Parent/Guardian Release Form, and Concussion Information Sheet to the HIMS office by Friday, Sept 19.
  4. NEW COMPLETION DATE - Physical Forms (pages 3 & 4) must be received and verified by HIMS office staff by Thursday, Sept 25 in order for your child to participate. This is the final deadline. Students whose registration packets are not complete by Thursday, Sept 25, will be removed from the participation list and placed back on the wait list.
  5. Your child's Physical Form is valid for 24 months, and must be valid through the entire season (ends Nov 22). If you've submitted a Physical Form to the HIMS office in previous seasons and it is valid through Nov 22, you do not need to complete pages 3 & 4 of the Athletic Registration. Simply state on Page 3 that you have a valid Physical Form on file.
  6. You can email or call Sheila de la Cruz in the main office to verify if you have a valid Physical Form on file.
Priority for Acceptance
The 2014 season will have a program size cap in order to improve the experience of participating players.

We are all very excited for the Ultimate program here at Hamilton. It's been a great success! But sadly we are being overwhelmed by it's popularity. It's heartbreaking to exclude any kids, but we simply don't have enough field space (or coaches) to accommodate everyone. We as coaches also have come to understand that a team with too many players is a very difficult and frustrating experience for everyone. Play time becomes very limited, in practices and especially in games. It can be very frustrating for players. For all these reasons we have instituted a program size cap in order to improve the experience of participating players.

We've had a huge response from 6th graders, and unfortunately, many will not be able to play this Fall. Starting this past Spring, we decided that first priority goes to the older grades. Remember that Ultimate at HIMS is a two season sport. We will give Spring League priority to those students who are not selected to play in the Fall League. We will do everything we can to make sure that everyone who wants to play HIMS Ultimate will have a chance during either the Spring or Fall Leagues.

Priority Criteria
In our haste to get the registration process started last week, there was some confusion created about our selection process. The priority criteria was described differently in different media. Through conversations between our coaches, our Parent Admin Team, and HIMS administration, we've reached a consensus on our priority criteria. Our primary criteria is Grade Level. If we can accommodate all of the 7th and 8th graders, then we will do that first. We feel that if we are consistent with this over time, all kids will get a lot of Ultimate experience as they progress through HIMS. The remaining 6th graders will be selected randomly, with the goal of having a 50% split of boys and girls (because of Title IX considerations). If there are fewer than 50% girls, we will fill the rest of the team with boys from the random list.

We have dropped the priority criteria based on: a) order of online registrations received; and b) completed registration packets submitted. We felt that this could skew an advantage towards things like access to the internet, or a kid bringing home the registration packet before others, or a timely doctors appointment. We still are insisting that completed registration packets be submitted and approved by the HIMS office by Thursday, Sept 25.

Unlike many other team sports, we've chosen not to select participants based on skill. So, no tryouts. We believe that Ultimate is more of a sports community that stresses fun competition, fair play, and "Spirit of the Game". Once selected, players will be placed on a team based on skill level and practice day availability.

Participation is Critical
We expect players to participate at each practice and most games. If you think that your player may need to miss practices because of other commitments, then please consider withdrawing your registration for the Fall and try again in the Spring. We will maintain your priority for Spring League.

Fall Drizzle
The Middle School division will be held at Skagit River Park in Burlington on Sunday, November 2nd. More on this later.

GAMES  (Oct 4th-Nov 22nd)

  • Our first game will be Saturday, October 4th

  • Game schedules will be posted on: Game Schedules Page as soon as information is available. The DiscNW organization coordinates our league, and we are subject to their pace with distributing information.

  • All regular season games will occur on Saturdays between 8:00am and 5:00pm at Ingraham High School, Garfield High School Football Field, Franklin High School Playfield and Rainier Beach High School Stadium, Sealth, Jane Addams and Roosevelt.

  • Students must have their own transportation to games. If you’re not able to attend a game, please tell your coach.


  • None! Fall Ultimate is a Seattle Public Schools sport. If students would like to purchase a jersey or play at our optional fall tournament, those costs are separate.


We do not want transportation to be a barrier to access, so if this affects your child’s ability to participate, please let our Parent Admin Team know! (contact info below)

We will be enlisting some parent volunteers to set this up if possible. But until this is set up, you're on your own to talk to your neighbors.


  • For footwear, soccer or football cleats are highly recommended. Sneakers will work as well.

  • Clothing: shorts or athletic pants, a t-shirt, and warm/rain layers.

  • Students who own a Hamilton Ultimate jersey from a previous season may continue to use that jersey.  If your child does not have a jersey, he/she may check one out or simply bring a navy blue shirt and a white shirt to games.


  1. Complete the online registration Google form (see homepage).

  2. Return the Medical Physical form to the main office (available in the main office or for download below).

  3. Return the Concussion Waiver form to the main office (available in the main office or for download below).

  4. Return the Parent/Guardian release form to the main office (available in the main office or for download below).

  5. Student athletes must demonstrate positive citizenship, good sportsmanship, and be ready to have fun!

  6. Commitment counts – The more you practice, the more you play.



Please let us know if you have any questions. Thanks!

Parent Admin Team

Amanda, Ted, & Steve

akahappy@hotmail.com, tromer@gmail.com, steve.debroux@gmail.com

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