Info on our (typical) Spring Program

We are all very excited about the Ultimate program here at Hamilton Ultimate Club. It's been a great success! But we've also been overwhelmed by its popularity. It's heartbreaking to exclude any kids, but we don't have enough practice field space or coaches to accommodate everyone. We've come to understand that a team with too many players creates a difficult and frustrating environment. Play time becomes very limited, in practices and especially in games, and it can be a very frustrating experience for players and coaches. Because of this we have instituted a program size cap in order to improve the experience of participating players.

Please Note: Registering for Hamilton Spring Ultimate does not guarantee that your child will be accepted into the program or placed on a team. We do what we can to place all registrants on a team appropriate to their age and skill level, but there may be circumstances that prevent us from doing so. These circumstances typically include roster limitations, practice/game scheduling conflicts, and skill level. And remember, while Ultimate is a "non-contact" sport, contact happens. Issues regarding player safety may also be considered.

Team Numbers Cap
  • We will have a target maximum of 21 players per team.
  • Each team will have a target maximum of 9 girls and 12 boys.

Acceptance Into Our Program
Ultimate prides itself on its focus on community and Spirit of the Game. We will always put our greatest emphasis on sportsmanship, inclusion, community, and a commitment to learning the game and becoming a better player and teammate while adhering to these principles. We will accept players into the program based on their commitment to the sport and their teammates, their citizenship and contribution to the "Spirit of the Game". Game and disc skills will also be a contributing factor in acceptance into the program. We will rank players based on basic disc skills, quickness and speed, field awareness, experience, and knowledge of the game.

Below is our list of Acceptance Criteria. This list is in our primary order of preference, though for some players, one thing may be weighted more than for others. For example, a player who has previously been committed to the program at Hamilton for years, is a recognized leader, and has an understanding and commitment to the "Spirit of the Game" may rank higher than a player who is simply a strong and accomplished athlete.

Acceptance Criteria
  • Commitment to Spirit of the Game, our ultimate community, and being a good citizen and teammate.
    • Active, positive participation in all practices and games.
    • Respect for coaches, respect for each and every teammate, and respect for all opponents.
    • Enjoyment in learning. Active participation in one's individual growth as both a player and teammate.
    • Strong awareness or willingness to learn, and fairly apply, the Rules of Ultimate.
  • Participation, Availability, and Engagement
    • All players are expected to participate in all practices and all games, though a very limited number of excused absences is acceptable
    • While we will ask parents for a preferred day to practice, we offer no guarantee that we can place your child on a team on your preferred day. We will attempt to accommodate players/family schedules regarding team placement, but not at the expense of other players who meet or exceed our selection criteria.
    • If you think your child may need to miss practices because of other commitments, then please consider withdrawing your registration.
  • Skills and Knowledge of the Game. Players will be rated based on:
    • Willingness to learn and accept instruction.
    • Field awareness and player safety.
    • Disc skills.
    • Speed, quickness, and general athletic ability or aptitude.
    • Knowledge of the game, including rules, terms, and offensive and defensive skills and strategy.
    • Experience with the game of ultimate or other field sports.
  • Enrollment at Hamilton International Middle School
    • While Middle School Spring League is not affiliated with Seattle Public Schools, DiscNW eligibility rules stipulate that teams are school-based, and all players on each team must be enrolled at the same school.

Now...that said...WE NEED GIRLS!

Our program is co-ed, and we have a set amount of open slots for both boys and girls. Historically we have often not filled the maximum amount of girls on our teams. Because of this, we are always trying to get more girls interested in Ultimate and beginners are welcome! Please forward this website link to any girls who you think might enjoy joining our program!

Opportunities to Learn Ultimate, and Work On Your Chops!
Here are a few options for players to gain skills and experience, and to have fun in our Seattle youth ultimate scene.
If you have any questions, please email us at