Spring 2018 Payments

The players listed below are on one of the five Hamilton team rosters.  If we have received a payment for your player, the "Paid" column will indicate their status.

Hawks Ultimate is a pay-what-you-can model and this list is only to help parents remember if they paid online or sent in their check. If you financial situation is such that you cannot pay for the season, please send us an email and we'll update your status to indicate you are paid. Otherwise, payments can be made on the Spring 2018 rosters page.

If any of the information on this page is in error, please contact us!

This information is current as of 1:18 PM on Monday, 4/2/18. (Players sorted by last name.)

Paid? First name Last name
Anna Ammann
x Tulla Angeley
x Millie Atack
Adonis Baez
Costin Barber
Virginia Barber
x Abigail Barrett
Jack (JB) Bear
x Lidet Becker
x Willa Behrens
x Zadie Blish
Ben Bolan
x John "Jack" Bradshaw
x Maggie Brown
x Molly Brown
x Faye Burdick
x Gabby Campbell
x Kate Campbell
Maceo Campoverde
x Jack Chapman
Sadie Clark
x Elliott Cook
x Ian Cunningham-Ward
Nico Darringer
Max DeBroux
x Nina Debry
Charles Dodsley
x Malcolm Dubin
Lucy Durham
Alexandre Eberhard
  Milo Evans
x Quinn Fleet
x Anja Floisand
Alexander Foster
x Adam Friesz
x Miles Fukuhara
x Soren Furtney
x Chris Gilbert
x Kailey Gilmour
x Lucas Girton
x Lauren Goddu
x Lawson Goedhart
x Zoe Guggino
x Nina Gustafson
x Aidan Heinrich
x Jeremy Herbin
x William Hippe
x Caroline Hodges
John Hodges
x Allison Hogue
x Solan Honore-Jones
x Maeve Howell
x Zoli Ishikawa-Szabo
x Astrid Johnson
Kaley Johnson
Linnea Johnson
x Max Johnson
Silas Johnson
x Lucas Joss
x Jack Kennedy
x Charlie Kleban
x Zoe Klement
  Gideon Knox
  Leonardo Kruse
Willa Kuhn
x David Leahy
x Sam London
x Gerald Thomas McGarty
x Jane McKelvey
Samantha Medina
Raphael Menon
Mya Mitchell
Ella Monaghan
x Isa Muniz Simunovic
  Keenan O'Donnell
x Izzy Oliver
x Sampson Oliver
x Graham Peck
Henry Perkins
  Andrew Phillips
Sam Phippen
Theo Pleasure-Park
x Petra Radmanovic
x Malcolm Reid

x Reid Robinson
x Lucille Roeller
x Leza Rooks
  Sofia Schliebner
  Leo Schneider
x Quinn Schurman
x Max Seitz
x Elsa Semroc
Max Sevier
x Theo Shernoff
Ryan Shigley
x Juliette Silvers
Ava Soderquist
Zachery Stanley
Cassia Tackett
Isa Taylor
x Maya Thoni
x Jake Welton
Ella Widmyer
x Zachary Widmyer
Lucinda Wing
x Zac Wise
Connor Wolf
  Anna Yang
Rafi Zacks
x Grey Zaske