Spring 2018 - Welcome

Welcome to Hamilton Ultimate Club

This website will be your primary source of information about the Hamilton Ultimate Club. Please bookmark this site, come back often, and use it as a reference.

And... PLEASE READ THIS SITE!  It likely contains everything you need to know (at least for now). If you have a question, email us. But before you email us, PLEASE READ THIS SITE!

The Spring Middle School League is a club sport, and is not affiliated with Seattle Public Schools or Hamilton International Middle School. The spring league is administered by DiscNW. Find out more here: 2018 Middle School Mixed Spring League

Practice Locations and Information

Each team will practice twice a week, either Tue/Thu or Mon/Wed. There will be no practices during spring break. 

Securing fields in Seattle is difficult. Getting fields near Hamilton is even harder. In 2018, Parks is not allowing reservations on Wallingford Playfield -- meaning they may fence the field off for maintenance at any time. We are lucky to have a field reservation at the Ballard Playfield every afternoon this spring. We will try to keep the 6th grade teams practicing at Wallingford as long as it is available, while 7th and 8th grade teams will be commuting to their practices. If Wallingford gets fenced off or is otherwise unusable, we may have to reconsider our options.
Ballard Playfield
Ballard Community Center
6020 28th Ave NW
Seattle, WA 98107

Wallingford Playfield
Adjacent to HIMS
Players at the Ballard fields will be required to get themselves to and from practice on their own. There is an easy Metro connection: the #44 runs along 45th St. to within a few minute walk of the Ballard fields. It is highly recommended that you get your player a youth Orca card. There are a lot of HIMS kids that take this route as their transportation home as well as two teams worth of players that will be on the bus. You player will be in good company! In addition, a coach will do the commute with players for the first week of the season to help them get the hang of things.

Practices at Ballard will run from (need to be adjusted, check back) last year was: 4:00pm - 5:30pm; practices at Wallingford will run from 3:30pm - 5:00pm (earlier on Wednesdays, 3:00pm - 4:30). Players at Ballard are welcome to leave from those fields and are not required to return to school before heading home.

  • Participation fees are $160 per player ($140 without a red spring league shirt).
  • Fees will be collected after team placements have been made.
  • Hamilton ultimate is a pay-what-you-can program -- partial and full scholarships are available.
  • Ability to pay is never a consideration for acceptance into our program.
  • A link to the payment page will be coming shortly.

Season Schedule
 Tuesday, Jan 30  Registration is closed for spring
 Saturday, Feb 17, 11:59pm  Registration closes. Any registrants after this time will placed on a waitlist.  (This is the Saturday before mid-winter break.)
 Feb 27, 28 and Mar 1 Tryouts at Wallingford Playfield -   
Tuesday (6th grade) - Feb 27 4:00-5:30

Wednesday (7th grade) - Feb 28 2:45-4:15
Thursday (8th grade) - Mar 1 4:00-5:30
 Saturday, March 3  Team rosters and practice schedule announced
 Week of March 5  Team practices begin
 Saturday, March 10  First games
 Approx May 4  Playoff schedule published
 May 12 and 19  Playoffs

Other dates to keep in mind:
  • Feb 19 - 23: Mid-winter break
  • April 9 - 13: Spring break -- no practices but we may have games on the weekends before and after the break.
  • April 28 - 29: Spring Reign -- Largest youth tournament in the world! See, below, for details.
3 Steps to Register
  1. Complete and submit the Hamilton Ultimate Club Registration form here
  2. Complete and submit the Hamilton Ultimate Club Participation and Release of Liability Agreement:

Sandhya Subramanian

13760 40th Ave NE

Seattle WA 98125

After you have been place on a team you will need to register your player (and at least one parent) with DiscNW.
    • If your player already has an account with DiscNW, please make sure your waivers are updated.
    • If you have not previously registered your player with DiscNW, please follow these instructions:
      1. Go to http://www.discnw.org/ and click "New Account" in the upper right corner
      2. Enter all required (*) information for the parent and click "Create Account.
      3. Click "Hello [your name]" in the upper right corner of the webpage and select "Your Account" from the drop-down menu
      4. You will be redirected to your account profile. Click the "Edit Profile" button to the right of your account information and select "Add Child" from the drop-down menu
      5. Enter all required (*) information for your child and click "Save."
      6. make sure you sign and read all the waivers and concussion information.
  • Players can not participate in tryouts without submitting the Hamilton Ultimate Club online registration AND the Hamilton Ultimate Club Participation Agreement (Steps 1 & 2 above).
  • Players also need to be a currently registered player with DiscNW (Step 3 above).

  • Tryouts are scheduled to start on Tuesday, Feb 27 -- the Tuesday after kids get back from mid-winter break. Schedule and location as shown above, under Season Schedule. 
  • Please read our Acceptance Criteria.

What to bring
  • A warm layer and rain jacket
  • Appropriate and comfortable athletic clothing. Synthetic shirt and shorts is best.
  • Long sleeves and tights when it's cold
  • Cleats
  • Water bottle
  • Snack
  • Fantastic ultimate spirit!

  • Game schedules will be posted on the DiscNW Middle School Spring League page.
  • Games will be played each Saturday from Mar 10 through May 19, generally between 8:00am and 5:00pm.
  • There will be between 6-9 regular season games and 1-3 playoff games.

  • Players must have their own transportation to practices and games.
  • We hope to enlist a parent to organize a practice and game-day carpool system. If you'd like to be a Carpool Coordinator or participant, or Metro Bus Chaperone, please email us at hamiltonhawksultimate@gmail.com.
Please Note: There is no after-school Activity Bus. Spring ultimate is not affiliated with Seattle Public Schools or Hamilton International Middle School. Because of this, utilizing the Activity Bus is not an option for participants of spring ultimate. 


Spring Reign
  • Spring Reign will be held the weekend of April 28 & 29 at Skagit River Park in Burlington.
  • We are going to submit bids to take at least 2 teams. This is an invitational tournament, so team participation is not guaranteed.
  • We will most likely not be taking 6th graders. An alternate, local tournament for 6th grade teams may be organized.
  • Priority for placement on a tournament team will be given to 7th and 8th grade A team players.
  • Player participation in Spring Reign is at the sole discretion of the coaches and steering committee of the Hamilton Ultimate Club.
  • There will be an additional tournament fee associated with this tbd.

If you have any questions, please email us at hamiltonhawksultimate@gmail.com