Fall Registration

Registration is now closed.

How to Register for Fall Ultimate

1. Hamilton Ultimate Online Registration

2. SPS Athletic Registration Packet
  1. The completed registration packet must be turned into the HIMS office by Friday, Sept 16 (we are extending this for girls registration). 
  2. The registration packet consists of:
    • SPS Athletic Registration (pages 1 & 2) and Physical Form (pages 3 & 4)
    • Parent/Guardian Release Form (sport-specific)
    • Student/Parent Concussion and Sudden Cardiac Arrest Awareness Form
      • Concussion Information Sheet
      • Sudden Cardiac Arrest Information Sheet
  3. Your child's Physical Form is valid for 24 months, and must be valid through the entire season (ends Nov 19). If you've submitted a Physical Form to the HIMS office in previous seasons and it is valid through Nov 19, 2016, you do not need to complete pages 3 & 4 of the Athletic Registration. Simply state on Page 3 that you have a valid Physical Form on file.
  4. You can email or call Sheila de la Cruz in the main office to verify if you have a valid Physical Form on file.
A list of students who have a completed athletic registration packet on file (and are therefore eligible to participate in Fall Athletics) will be posted in the HIMS Commons. Students must have a complete and approved SPS Athletic Registration packet on file in order to participate in HIMS athletics.

Players may not participate in tryouts, practices, or games until all SPS Athletic Registration requirements are submitted to the HIMS Office and approved!

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