Fall Drizzle 2014

Location: Burlington, Wa (1hr north of Seattle)
Date: Sunday November 2nd
Time: All day, 7am - 6pm
Cost: $, checks made out to TBD 

Carpooling: To be arranged if needed!

More information: DiscNW Fall Drizzle website

at to bring:
  • A change of clothes to leave in the car. It is possible it will be rainy on either or both of these days. For a comfortable ride home, a change of clothes will be nice. 
  • Team jersey and a WHITE SHIRT in case another team wears the same color as us!
  • Shorts/Warm ups/whatever is desired to play in. NOT JEANS, athletic attire only!
  • Cleats!
  • 1-2 Water bottles
  • Lunch
  • Optional: Spending money, the tournament sells gear such as jerseys, discs and more. Players may also stop for food on the way home or during the day. Tournament snacks will be provided but are minimal and players should plan on packing a lunch that will keep them going all day!
  • An attitude ready for a jam packed exciting weekend!!

Check back later.
Accepted players. 

Please deliver a check, in an envelope with your players on name on it, for $. Checks made out to TBD

Player First NamePlayer Grade