Fall 2016 - Welcome

Hawks Ultimate at Hamilton International Middle School

Welcome to Hamilton Hawks Ultimate!
This website will be your primary source of information about the ultimate program at Hamilton International Middle School (HIMS). Please bookmark this site, come back often, and use it as a reference for information regarding ultimate at HIMS.

Fall Ultimate at HIMS is a sanctioned sport run by the Seattle Public Schools and governed by the policies of the Seattle Public Schools, Hamilton International Middle School, DiscNW, and the Hawks Ultimate Club. The fall league is administered and scheduled by DiscNW.

Find out more here: Fall Public Middle School League

Registration is now closed...

If you missed the opportunity to play ultimate this fall at HIMS, there are a few other options:


Tryout Schedule (UPDATED: 17 Sept)
  • Tryouts will be held Sept 20 - 22:
    • 7th graders on Tues, 9/20
    • 8th graders on Wed, 9/21
    • 6th graders on Thurs, 9/22
  • Tryouts will be at the Wallingford Playfield, adjacent to the school, from 3:25pm - 5pm.
    • Yes, there is a significant portion of the field fenced off and will will do our best to work around that.
  • We will meet in the Hawks' Nest (above the Commons/lunchroom) before heading to the fields.
Players are required to participate in tryouts. If your player absolutely cannot participate on their scheduled day, please email us. We will attempt to accommodate your player, but no guarantees.

What to bring
  • Appropriate and comfortable athletic clothing. Synthetic shirt and shorts is best.
  • Cleats (preferable) or sneakers.
  • A warm layer and rain jacket.
  • Water.
  • Snack.
  • Fantastic Spirit and a Great Ultimate Attitude!

Practice Schedule (UPDATED: 17 Sept)

Assuming we have enough girls, we will have six teams this year with a target of 9 girls and 12 boys on each (max roster size of 10 girls, 14 boys). Unlike previous years, we will be grouping players by grade level. That means there may be cuts at all grade levels! We would prefer to take all interested players, but we simply don't have the practice fields or coaches to do so.
  • Practices will start the week of Sept 26. Our 6th and 7th grade teams will be split 50/50 with one team practicing Mon/Wed and the other on Tue/Thu. The 8th grade team will be split A/B (or varsity/JV) with the A team practicing Tue/Thu and the B team practicing Mon/Wed.
  • Practices this season will be held at the Green Lake Park. These are the fields near the East Green Lake Beach, just south of the Green Lake Community Center.
  • We are trying to arrange bus transportation from HIMS to the fields, and then return. We will let you know as soon as we have nailed this down.
  • Expect practices to run roughly 3:45 to 5:30pm, with time subject to change depending on our transportation options.

Game Schedule
  • Games will be played each Saturday from Oct 1 through Nov 19, anywhere between 8:00am and 5:00pm.
  • Game schedules will be posted on this site as soon as information is available.
  • Game schedules can also be viewed on the DiscNW Public Middle School League page.
  • Games may be played at Ingraham High School, Garfield High School Football Field, or Franklin High School Playfield.

Acceptance into the Ultimate Program
We are all very excited about the Ultimate program here at HIMS. It's been a great success! But we are overwhelmed by its popularity. It's heartbreaking to exclude any kids, but we don't have enough practice field space or coaches to accommodate everyone. We've come to understand that a team with too many players creates a difficult and frustrating environment. Play time becomes very limited, in practices and especially in games, and it can be a very frustrating experience for players and coaches. Because of this we have instituted a program size cap in order to improve the experience of participating players.

Team Numbers Cap
  • We will have a target of 21 players per team with a maximum of 24 players per team.
  • Each team will have a target of 9 girls and 12 boys with a a maximum of 10 girls and 14 boys.
    • Fall ultimate is played with a required team gender ratio of 3 girls and 4 boys on the field at all times.
  • While we intend to field at least 5 teams, this season we hope to have 6 teams.
  • New Policy! 7th and 8th Graders will experience cuts!
In past years we have given priority to older students when allocating spots on teams but, with the large sixth grade class and an increasing number of students wanting to play, we will no longer be able to do so. In short, seventh and eighth graders will likely experience cuts. We will do everything we can to accommodate as many players as possible with our limited resources.

Acceptance Criteria
Ultimate prides itself on its focus on community and "Spirit of the Game". We will always put our greatest emphasis on sportsmanship, inclusion, community, and a commitment to learning the game and becoming a better player and teammate while adhering to these principles. We will accept players into the program based on their commitment to the sport and their teammates, their citizenship and contribution to the "Spirit of the Game". Game and disc skills will also be a contributing factor in acceptance into the program. We will rank players based on basic disc skills, quickness and speed, field awareness, experience, and knowledge of the game.

Below is our list of Acceptance Criteria. This list is in our primary order of preference.
  • Commitment to "Spirit of the Game", our ultimate community, and being a good citizen and teammate.
  • Participation and Availability
    • All players are expected to participate in all practices and all games, though a very limited number of excused absences is acceptable.
    • If you think your child may need to miss practices because of other commitments, then please consider withdrawing your registration for the Fall and try again in the Spring, or explore some of the other options listed below.
    • We will attempt to accommodate players/family schedules regarding team placement, but not at the expense of other players who meet or exceed the above criteria. While we will ask parents for a preferred day to practice, we offer no guarantee that we can place your child on a team on your preferred day.
  • Skills and Knowledge of the Game. Players will be rated based on:
    • Willingness to learn and accept instruction.
    • Field awareness and player safety.
    • Disc skills.
    • Speed, quickness, and general athletic ability or aptitude.
    • Knowledge of the game, including rules, terms, and offensive and defensive strategy.
    • Experience with the game of ultimate or other field sports.
Options for Students who are not selected into the HIMS Fall Ultimate Program
While we invite all students to tryout for ultimate at HIMS, and we hope that ultimate will become a part of their life, playing on a Middle School team may not be your child's best introduction to the game. Middle School ultimate in Seattle has become a very competitive sport over the years. Because of increased interest at HIMS, and more students entering Middle School with a couple years of ultimate already under their belts, acceptance into our program is competitive. We encourage you to seriously consider whether HIMS Fall Ultimate is right for your child. For example, our club offers a slightly less competitive program in the Spring (meaning, we have fewer students who register). And while in past years we've been able to accept students who are new to ultimate or even organized team sports, we now are required to be much more selective. To be clear: interest, enthusiasm, commitment and "Spirit of the Game" are very important to us. Paramount, in fact. We truly aren't looking only for the natural and gifted athletes. We want kids who want to play Ultimate! But we don't have room for students who are simply applying to acquire a PE waiver. We expect a lot from players in our program.

Now.. that said.. WE NEED MORE GIRLS!
Our program is co-ed, and we have a set amount of open slots for both boys and girls. And we have never filled the maximum amount of girls on any of our teams. Because of this, we will likely be able to accept all female registrants into our program (so long as the student meets our Acceptance Criteria). Please forward this website link to any girls who you think might enjoy joining our program!

Here are a few options for students who aren't accepted into, or who choose not to play HIMS Fall ultimate, but still want to play the game.

More Information about the Fall Ultimate Program

Academic Standards

  • From the HIMS website:
    • Player eligibility will be based on a 2.0 average for all classes with no more than one core subject (math, reading, writing, social studies, or science) having a sub-2.0 grade at any time.
  • Teams are required to submit a player eligibility sheet (aka, grade sheet) to the school athletic director each week.
  • Students who are not academically eligible can not play in games until an academic improvement plan is put in place.
    • The goal of this policy is not to punish students who are struggling in class, but to recognize and address academic challenges that the student may be experiencing. HIMS staff is extraordinarily committed to getting your student back on track, and back in the game as quickly as possible. 

PE Waivers

Students who do not enroll in a PE class at HIMS are required to complete at least 60 hours of organized athletic activity during the school year. Students are required to submit a PE Waiver to the HIMS Office, stating their plan for organized athletic activity.

  • More info about the PE Waiver at HIMS
  • PE Waiver forms are obtained from and submitted to the HIMS Office.
  • Do not to submit PE Waiver forms to athletic coaches.
  • All families who need a PE Waiver are required to submit the PE Waiver form.
    • For students participating in school sports, a separate cover letter from the coach/team is not required. Each school athletic program will submit the entire roster, along with verification of participation and number of hours.
  • Estimated PE Waiver hours: 50 hours.


HOST Activity Bus
  • Players can take advantage of the HOST after-school Activity Bus to get home after practice.
  • Students are required to complete and submit the Non-HOST Bus Permission Form.
  • Non-Host Bus Permission forms are turned in to the HIMS Office.
  • The HOST bus doesn't run on Friday. If we have Friday practice, students who have completed a Non-HOST Bus Permission Form will be provided a Metro bus voucher to get home.
Game Days
  • Players must have their own transportation to games.
  • If we can, we will enlist a parent to organize a game-day carpool system.
  • If you would like to be our Carpool Coordinator, please email us at hamiltonhawksultimate@gmail.com.


Fall Drizzle: Unfortunately, Fall Drizzle will not happen this year. We lost the fields in Burlington and were unable to secure a large enough location to host the Middle School division.

Equipment / Jerseys
  • Footwear: Soccer or football cleats are highly recommended.
  • Clothing: Shorts or athletic pants, a synthetic athletic shirt, and warm/rain layers.
  • Jerseys: Players will be provided a Hamilton Ultimate jersey. These are the property of HIMS and must be returned at the end of the season.
    •  Players who own a Hamilton Ultimate jersey from a previous season may use that jersey.

Remember: Players may not participate in tryouts, practices, or games until all SPS Athletic Registration requirements are submitted to the HIMS Office and approved!

If you have any questions, please email us at hamiltonhawksultimate@gmail.com