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 Steering Committee

Co- Treasurer  
Co- Treasurer  


8 A Edith Szabo 206-548-9557
8 A Chuck Shigley 206-355-6383
7 A Ingrid Wertz 206-491-5841
7/8 B
6th Grade Yellow
 6th Grade Blue   

 HIMS Staff : Call at 206-252-5810
 House adminsitrator
 Guadalupe Duran
 Asst. Principal
 Tim Snyder
 Office Staff
 Sheila de la Cruz
 Registrar  Elizabeth Pella
 Tipton Blish
 HOST Director
 Liz Chase

Note: Spring League is not affiliated with Seattle Public Schools. During Spring League, please direct all questions to the Coaches or the Steering Committee at