Spring 2021 Welcome

Dear Hamilton Hawks Ultimate Players and Families,

Just wanted to express that we are hoping you and your families are safe, healthy, and doing well and let you know how much we missed you during this crazy 2020.  We barely started getting our 2019/2020 spring season going and then how times changed.  A few items we wanted to share:

In-person Ultimate this school year?  We will continue to coordinate with SPS and DiscNW about when it is safe to return to play.   Currently, DiscNW indicates a season is tentatively scheduled for March - May 2020; however, the website also indicates this is very likely to change.   Even if there's not a formal season, Hawks Ultimate Club has let the Hamilton Athletic Director know that we are interested in masked, physically distanced practices focused on conditioning and throwing when SPS and DiscNW determine that it is safe to do so (this is what some SPS high school sports have been doing).  If anything materializes we will let you know through this email list, through announcements in PTSA weekly news, and the Hawks website (http://www.hawksultimate.com/)  

Online option?  DiscNW is hosting an online Whole Athlete Academy from January 11 - March 5 - consider it! The 8-week program is open to all middle school students and is offered on a sliding scale ($3 - $60 for the 8 week program).  Who knows what it will be like, but it sounds interesting. From DiscNW site..."This has been a hard year - young athletes have struggled without team practices and games and face-to-face learning opportunities. This 8-week asynchronous virtual program will provide structured movement, connection, leadership development, and whole athlete education. Participants will learn workout lingo, great form for common movement patterns, and gain a deeper understanding of how this training applies to ultimate! There’s no specialized equipment required (beyond a disc!), and all videos are captioned and include exercise options for different bodies. This is a non-competitive, non-judgmental environment to get in touch with the inner athlete!" Registration and more information at:  https://www.discnw.org/p/new-whole-athlete-academy?autoplay=1

Keep getting outside and moving!  Even though the weather makes it a bit more of an event - we encourage all Hawk athletes to get outside (in a safe, physically distanced manner) and get exercise - you can do it!.  There's no bad weather, just bad clothes - put on a few extra layers and get outside for a bit. A walk (even a short one), a run, a bike ride, throwing the disc with family or a friend (use hand sanitizer!), frisbee golf (use a tree or other target as your "hole"), or jumping jacks in the rain.  The fresh air, daylight, and exercise are good for the body and good for the mind.  Earlier this year, Cascade offered some in person, physically distanced youth ultimate clinics, if we hear of anymore, we will share in case any families are interested.  

Thank you!  Thank you for being part of the Hamilton community, for hanging in there and taking care of yourselves and each other during these tough times, to let the spirit of the game (positive, supportive, managing whatever comes your way, being a good sport) apply even when we're not playing.  And, a belated thank you to those parents and guardians who donated 2020 spring season fees to help support Hawks Ultimate Club and DiscNW  - your support helped keep Hawks Ultimate Club in the black and DiscNW manage to stay afloat so we can return to play when it's safe.  And, as always, thanks to the coaches and non-coach volunteers who make Hawks Ultimate Club possible with a special, belated, shout out to Krista Place who did so much work on Hawks Ultimate Club finances and refunds when the 2020 spring season was cancelled.  And, most of all, thanks to all the Hawks Ultimate players - they are what this club is about and we look forward to having all their spirit and energy on the field again when we are able.

If you have any questions or know of anyone who would like to be involved as a volunteer for Hawks Ultimate once we get going again, let us know at hamiltonhawksultimate@gmail.com

Looking forward to a much better 2021!  Take care, stay safe, and Go Hawks!

Ingrid Wertz (Hawks Ultimate Head Coach), Hawks Ultimate Coaches, & Non-coach Hawks Ultimate Volunteers