Fall 2021 - Welcome

Hawks Ultimate at Hamilton International Middle School

Welcome to Hamilton Hawks Ultimate!
This website will be your primary source of information about the ultimate program at Hamilton International Middle School. 

Fall Ultimate at Hamilton is a sanctioned sport run by the Seattle Public Schools and governed by the policies of the Seattle Public Schools, Hamilton International Middle School, DiscNW, and the Hawks Ultimate Club. The fall league is administered and scheduled by DiscNW.

Find out more here at DiscNW: Fall Public Middle School League

Registration is now open! (Please email if you have questions.)

If your Hamilton student would like to try out for Fall Ultimate, we request that they register by Friday, August 13th if possible. Why so early? The Hamilton front office would like to get as much paperwork processed before the start of the school year as possible. There is often a crunch in September as students need to submit the required forms to the school prior to tryouts. Please note, tryouts are the Tue/Wed/Thurs directly following Labor Day. Be sure all athletic forms are up to date, fully completed, and returned to Hamilton’s front office by the start of school.  Prospective athletes without completed forms may not try out.  For all forms, go to: https://www.seattleschools.org/cms/one.aspx?portalId=627&pageId=14975953  Completed forms can be dropped off this summer at the Library window on the eastside of the building on Densmore on Wednesdays from 11:00am to 1:00 pm.  You can also fax your forms to (206)-252-5811.

Another reason to register early is that the sooner our volunteer parents and coaches know how many players are interested, the better we can plan the number of teams. Many factors such as coach availability and gender distribution will determine how many teams we are able to host. WE NEED MORE COACHES FOR FALL. If you know of anyone who might be interested in volunteering as a parent or as a stipend position, please email hamiltonhawksultimate@gmail.com. Ultimate experience is great but not required. If you have coached other youth sports (or think you would be a good person to do so), we welcome your help! We try to pair new coaches with more experienced coaches and prefer at least two coaches per team so we can have flexibility with coach schedules. Coaching is a very rewarding experience and a great way to be connected to the Hamilton community.

  • Tryouts schedule: 
    • Tentative: 8th grade tryouts Tue Sept 7th 3:50 - 5:15 @ Wallingford Playfield
    • Tentative: 7th grade tryouts Wed Sept 8th 2:35 - 4:00 @ Wallingford Playfield
    • Tentative: 6th grade tryouts Thu Sept 9th  3:50 - 5:15 @ Wallingford Playfield
  • Practices starting the week of September 13th 
  • September 25th: First day of games
  • October 30th: Last day of the regular season
  • November 1st: Playoff schedule released
  • November 6th, 13th: Playoffs
What to bring
  • Mask
  • Appropriate and comfortable athletic clothing. Synthetic shirt and shorts is best
  • Cleats (preferable) or sneakers
  • A warm layer and rain jacket
  • Water
  • Snack
  • Fantastic Spirit and a Great Ultimate Attitude!
Practice Schedule (Tentative, may change based on bell times and coach availability)

TBD 6th TTh 4:00 - 5:15 @ Wallingford Playfield
TBD 6th M 4:00 - 5:15 / W 2:45 - 4:00 @ Wallingford Playfield
TBD 7th/8th M 4:30 - 6:00 / W 3:15 - 4:45 @ Green Lake Playfield
TBD 7th/8th TTh 4:30 - 6:00 @ Green Lake Playfield

Game Schedule
  • Games will be played each Saturday from 25 Sept through 13 Nov, anywhere between 8:00am and 5:00pm.
  • Game schedules can be viewed on the DiscNW Public Middle School League page.
  • Games have typically been played at Ingraham High School, Garfield High School Football Field, or Franklin High School Playfield.

Acceptance into the Ultimate Program
We are all very excited about the Ultimate program here at Hamilton. It's been a great success! However, we usually don't have enough coaches or adequate gender balance to accommodate everyone. We've come to understand that a team with too many players creates a difficult and frustrating environment. Play time becomes very limited, in practices and especially in games, and it can be a very frustrating experience for players and coaches. Because of this we have instituted a team size cap in order to improve the experience of participating players. We do everything we can to accommodate as many players as possible with the coaches and players we have.

Team Numbers Cap
  • We will have a target of 21 players per team.
  • All teams will be co-ed and will balance genders so as to adhere to the standard established by DiscNW for all youth leagues:
    • DiscNW’s gender maximum rule requires each team to play each point with no more than four players who identify as the same gender. If you cannot do so, you will have to play down unless otherwise discussed with your opponent according to the Captain’s Clause.
    • The gender a player identifies with is considered that player’s gender.  Please refer to DiscNW’s Gender Inclusion Policy for more information. 
  • We hope to field five teams this season. We still need more coaches to do this! (See note from introduction above)
Acceptance Criteria
Ultimate prides itself on its focus on community and "Spirit of the Game". We will always put our greatest emphasis on sportsmanship, inclusion, community, and a commitment to learning the game and becoming a better player and teammate. 

Below is our list of Acceptance Criteria.
  • Commitment to "Spirit of the Game", our ultimate community, and being a good citizen and teammate.
  • Participation and Availability
    • All players are expected to participate in all practices and all games, though a very limited number of excused absences is acceptable.
    • If you think your child may need to miss practices because of other commitments, then please consider withdrawing your registration for the Fall and try again in the Spring, or explore some of the other options listed below.
    • We will attempt to accommodate players/family schedules regarding team placement, but not at the expense of other players who meet or exceed the above criteria. While we will ask parents for a preferred day to practice, we offer no guarantee that we can place your child on a team on your preferred day.
  • Skills and Knowledge of the Game. Players will be rated based on:
    • Good attitude and strong effort
    • Willingness to learn and accept instruction
    • Disc skills
    • Speed, quickness, and general athletic ability or aptitude
    • Knowledge of the game, including rules, terms, and offensive and defensive strategy
    • Experience with the game of ultimate or other field sports
    • Field awareness and player safety
  • and... we often need more non-male identifying players!

More Information about the Fall Ultimate Program

Academic Standards
    • From the Hamilton website: Player eligibility will be based on a 2.0 average for all classes with no more than one core subject (math, reading, writing, social studies, or science) having a sub-2.0 grade at any time.
      • Hamilton automatically assesses player eligibility on a weekly basis.  The school athletic director will notify any players who are not meeting criteria and their coaches. Students who are not academically eligible cannot play in games that week, but can still participate in practice. Hamilton school staff will work with those students to set up an academic plan to get back on track.

      Discipline policy

      For the most part, we are very lucky to have a crew of dedicated and respectful players, but sometimes middle schoolers will be middle schoolers. When those actions are repeatedly causing disruptions that prevent their teammates from participating and improving, coaches have to take action beyond the typical corrections (e.g., pay attention, extra laps).

      Hamilton Ultimate follows a two warning policy. Repeated interruptions will be followed by a one-on-one discussion with coaches and the player, where we will explain specifically what the player needs to improve. That is their first warning. If the behavior continues, a discussion between coaches and the player's parents is the second warning. Finally if the behavior persists, the player will be cut from the team. Players will be told about this at their first practice, but wanted to make sure parents are aware of policy. It is rare that we get to even the second warning.

      PE Waivers

      Students who do not enroll in a PE class at Hamilton are required to complete at least 60 hours of organized athletic activity during the school year. Students are required to submit a PE Waiver to the Hamilton Office, stating their plan for organized athletic activity.

      • More info about the PE Waiver at Hamilton (will update when the 2021 page is available)
      • PE Waiver forms are obtained from and submitted to the Hamilton Office.
      • Do not submit PE Waiver forms to athletic coaches.
      • All families who need a PE Waiver are required to submit the PE Waiver form.
        • For students participating in school sports, a separate cover letter from the coach/team is not required. Each school athletic program will submit the entire roster, along with verification of participation and number of hours.
      • Estimated PE Waiver hours: 35 hours.

      • Practices
        • Players are responsible for getting themselves to and from practice. For practices at Green Lake playfields, players can take the public bus or bike – more information will be provided prior to the first practice...
      • Game Days
        • Players must have their own transportation to games.
        • If we can, we will enlist a parent to organize a game-day carpool system.
        • If you would like to be our Carpool Coordinator, please email us at hamiltonhawksultimate@gmail.com.

      Equipment / Jerseys
      • Footwear: Soccer or football cleats are highly recommended.
      • Clothing: Shorts or athletic pants, a synthetic athletic shirt, and warm/rain layers.
      • Jerseys: Players will be provided a Hamilton Ultimate jersey. These are the property of Hamilton and must be returned at the end of the season.

      Remember: Players may not participate in tryouts, practices, or games until all SPS Athletic Registration requirements are submitted to the Hamilton Office and approved!

      If you have any questions, please email us at hamiltonhawksultimate@gmail.com